Yeah I do, but it can be expensive, depending on what you want. As an example, if you wanted Barry Loves Tommy on a map in two colours, depending on the size of the map, it will cost you about £450-£550. If it's something like Let's Go Get Lost Together on a map of your choice, it will be considerable cheaper because I can print lots of other maps at the same time making it a bit cheaper. Check out the Commissions page for more info.

I get asked a lot for mates rates. The main problem is, I have no mates, because I am always printing at the studio and not hanging around with my mates drinking vodka, or hosting dinner parties and having fun. You can ask for mates rates, and after a short pause I'll probably tell you to nick off, unless I am in a good mood. You can try, but don't cry if I say no.

Yep. I'd be daft if I didn't, but it is more expensive for obvious reasons. Check out the delivery page for more info.

I know. Creepy right? Strangely enough, I get asked this A LOT! I don't mind answering. I'm in my pants, one sock on, one sock off, eating a biscuit.